Fight Asthma Milwaukee (FAM) Allies Celebrates 25 Years!
All persons with asthma and their families living in our community will live full and active lives in a healthy environment.
FAM Allies seeks to improve the lives of people affected by asthma through community partnerships, resources, services and education.
Coalition Goals

•  Improve the quality of life for those affected with asthma in our community.

•  Foster and strengthen partnerships among key asthma stakeholders in our community.

•  Provide asthma care education based on best practices.

•  Link those affected by asthma, their families, other caregivers, and healthcare professionals to resources and services.

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FAM Allies seeks interested, passionate people who consider themselves stakeholders in changing Milwaukee’s rank of 22nd in the top 100 “Most Challenging Places to Live with Asthma” by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.1

Joining FAM is free, easy and can be completed online or by mailing a form, subject to approval from the Board of Directors in accordance with the coalition's bylaws. Members are encouraged to support the coalition via donating or volunteering to support FAM's mission.

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FAM Allies 2019 Board of Directors

Executive Director
Gary Steven, MD, PhD, Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center
Christine O'Hare, Molina Health Care
Vice Chair
Robert Fisher, MD, Allergy Research and Care
Erin Lee, Medical College of Wisconsin
Voting Members

David Cedars, Prudential Financial

Kristi Cedars, Children's Hospital of WI

Robert Fisher, MD, Allergy Research and Care

Shue Her, Hayat Pharmacies

Chelsea Hoffman, Molina Healthcare

Diane Keyes, DNP, Allergy Asthma & Sinus Center

Dan Klaver, Molina Healthcare

Erin Lee, Medical College of WI

Christine O'Hare, DentaQuest

Kelly Platek, Professional within Medicaid Insurers

Juan Ruiz, MD, Medical College of WI

Joseph Steven, Allergy Asthma & Sinus Center

Jennifer Winter, Managed Health Services

Fouza Yusuf, Medical College of WI

Hashim Zaibak, Hayat Pharmacies

FAM Allies List of Active Committees

Family and Community Education

Designs and delivers asthma educational programs for school children, parents of children with asthma, school staff, childcare providers, and community groups.

Home Visiting

Works to provide home visiting asthma education and environmental assessments for eligible people with asthma two to forty years of age.

Clinical Quality Improvement

Designs and delivers Teach Asthma Management seminars in-person and online, providing continuing asthma education for healthcare professionals.

Development Committee

Works to increase financial sustainability through grant-writing and fundraising.

Digital Strategies

Creates and maintains an internet presence through website and social media.

FAM Allies Past Annual Reports

2017 Annual Report

In 2017, Fight Asthma Milwaukee (FAM) Allies created a new format for the Teach Asthma Management seminar, which was held for 20 participants. The Home Visiting team enroled 40 participants in the FAMCARES program, making a total of 107 home visits. The Family and Community Education Team provided Asthma Smarts education to 486 elemenary school children in 30 schools. FAM Allies participated in 15 community health fairs for over 300 attendees. Click the icon to download the full report and read even more about FAM's accomplishments in 2017.

2015 Annual Report

In 2015, Fight Asthma Milwaukee (FAM) Allies held 413 programs reaching 3,688 people including 651 children in 294 Asthma Smarts programs and 375 children in Breathe to Achieve programs. The Clinical Quality Improvement committee reached 466 participants in Teach Asthma Management programs and the Home Visiting committee performed 63 total home visits. Generous volunteers donated 1,412 hours of their time to support FAM's goals, and the second annual FAM Allies Gala was held to raise funds for FAM programming. Click the icon to download the full report and read even more about FAM's accomplishments in 2015.

2014 Annual Report

In 2014, Fight Asthma Milwaukee (FAM) Allies was renewed and rebranded as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and celebrated its 20th year! At a glance, FAM Allies had 382 participants in Continuing Quality Improvement courses including 68 healthcare providers and 314 healthcare professional students, 3,631 participants in family and community education initiatives, and 1,397 hours volunteered by FAM Allies members. Additionally, the Care Coordination & Case Management and Environmental committees established a new framework for providing asthma education through home visits starting in 2015. Click the icon to download the full report and read even more about FAM's accomplishments in 2014.

2013 Annual Report

In 2013, Fight Asthma Milwaukee (FAM) Allies held 365 educational sessions including Teach Asthma Management sessions reaching 133 healthcare professionals and family and community education sessions reaching 3,869 participants. FAM also maintained connections with 31 participating agencies and the Care Coordination & Case Management committee made 111 referrals for much-needed in-home nursing services for at-risk patients. FAM's mission was upheld through the generous donation of 1,346 volunteer work hours from dedicated FAM members. Click the icon to download the full report and read even more about FAM's accomplishments in 2013.